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used in your CAD designs

Why myCADparts?

Did you know that during the design phase of a product or tooling, about 20% of new parts are created unnecessarily? Unnecessary in the sense that an existing part could have been used instead of creating a new one.

The consequences of these unnecessary creations are significant: loss of time for design offices, methods offices and purchasing departments, higher price of the final product, higher stocks, etc.

And despite popular belief, the source of the problem is not the designer but the difficulty in accessing information on the parts used in the company.

The software used (PDM, PLM, ERP) are certainly powerful but oriented towards Product Management. Parts management is almost non-existent and therefore requires a dedicated solution

What is myCADparts ?

myCADparts is a Software as a service on-line solution dedicated to managing and sharing information on parts used for product and tooling design. It has been designed to meet the needs of all manufacturers in a simple, flexible and affordable way.

  • It is as simple in its deployment as it is in its use. myCADparts requires no installation, no training and can be used internally as well as externally.
  • Flexible because it can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to the needs of each company: custom functions, internal classifications, workflows, ERP, PLM, CAD connection, roles, etc.
  • It’s affordable, with a base price of €/$ 1,200 per year for 10 users

myCADparts key features

  • Creation and management of your parts library with all important attributes: status, part type, designation, CAD file, documentation, photo, dimensional diagram, supplier, supplier reference, etc.
  • Creation and management of your supplier list with all key information: status, website, link to CAD files, technical contact, sales contact, etc.
  • Access to a catalog of over 5,000 manufacturers maintained by the myCADparts team (websites, CAD links, key contacts, etc.)

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