Built in “Low Code” mode, myCADparts offers all the flexibility and power of this new technology. Whatever the size of your company, you will be able to customize the application for a very reasonable cost.









You can add all the information you want to your parts library, including data (text, numbers, pick lists, etc.), documents, images, links and smart elements like signatures, ratings, etc.

All this information can be used to optimise parts management (sorting and filters for users; statistics and KPIs for administrators).

You are free to decide what fields you need and how you want to use them.


The concept of classification is one of the most requested features by our customers.

But each company has different needs on this subject, so we have placed this function in the customization category.

You will be able to manage your own classifications and use them in the best conditions.

Here again, everything is possible: standard classifications (e-Class, UNSPSC, TraceParts, etc.) with their structures, attributes and dictionaries, or your own internal organization.


myCADparts has all the tools you need to create validation workflows for parts management:

  • Requests to create new parts
  • Requests to add new suppliers
  • Requests to make changes, go back and correct errors
  • Distribute information to the relevant departments
  • Etc.


If you use ERP, PDM or PLM software, you will probably want to share information with these systems to optimize parts management.

While there are endless possible scenarios, these are the most common requests:

  • ERP: Display procurement prices/stock levels in myCADparts
  • PDM/PLM: Use case, direct access to the CAD file

Again, myCADparts provides the flexibility you need to integrate and share data with these different systems.


While the “turnkey” version of myCADparts stores CAD files on myCADparts servers and provides access via a download function, you can also store the files elsewhere (on local servers, PDM software, PLM software, etc.), or have direct access via your CAD tool.

Our team is here to help you personalize the application with the support of your CAD/PDM/PLM supplier.

Going further…

myCADparts is an application that uses our team’s wealth of expertise in parts management and cutting-edge and proven data management technology.

While we can’t fulfil every one of our clients’ requests, we can provide a solution for around 95%.

Our team rarely come across a request they can’t fulfil, so do contact us if you haven’t found the solution to your problem!

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