The “turnkey” version of myCADparts is built around 5 main features that meet virtually all the needs of small and mid-sized businesses







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Associate information with your parts that will allow users to find them easily and avoid/prevent unnecessary creations:

  • Part status (preferred, authorised, replaced, etc.)
  • Part type (standardised, commercial, special, etc.)
  • Class (mechanical, electric, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Description, supplier, supplier reference, etc.

Complement this information with documents (photo, dimensional diagram, product sheet, …) and information notes so that your users can choose the most relevant parts for their design.

And finally, you can of course associate a CAD file to each part so that for your designers it’s just one click away!


Manage your supplier list with all the information your designers will find useful:

  • Supplier website
  • Supplier CAD portal
  • Local commercial contact
  • Local technical contact
  • Etc.

Add to these details with notes and statuses to naturally guide your users towards your preferred suppliers.


When you need to reference a new parts supplier, don’t waste your time searching the Internet for various information.

Our application contains the world’s largest list of commercial and trade parts manufacturers and suppliers with nearly 5,000 companies listed.

You will find for each company all useful information for your designers (website, links to CAD files, contacts, etc.)


Keep track of your parts library with the myCADparts dashboard!

You will find precise and very useful statistics on the evolution of the number of creations of parts and suppliers, the distribution of your parts by family, categories, status, etc.

With this simple tool, you can check how effective our application is at any time!

Look & Feel !

Each myCADparts is personalised using your website style (logo, colours, fonts, etc.) to make it YOUR application.

Although this may seem trivial, it has been proved that employees are more receptive to an “in-house” application than an external solution.

While myCADparts naturally encourages users to get on board with the solution, you may as well take every opportunity to improve your parts management!

A little more…

If you need extra features, we offer PACKS with the most common personalization requests: extra fields, classifications, workflows, ERP/PLM and CAD connections, etc.

No extra development is needed: these generally take just a few hours to set up!

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